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Disclaimer:  this is more of a fun mini-game than a full game, as I made it over a couple of weeks' worth of evenings between projects. It's also a parody and not in any way intended for profit.    

You play programmer Howard Scott Warshaw, searching holes in the desert for Atari 2600 E.T. cartridges (loosely based on the 2014 expedition).  You'll also find various other old paraphernalia ranging from pizza to abandoned payphones, all the while avoiding Ray Kassar.  If he catches you, he'll drag you to your outdoor desert cubicle and sit you in front of an old Atari computer (he'll also confiscate and redistribute your collected cartridges)!  Also, watch your health -- it runs out as you walk, and it runs out faster as you run. 

How to play: the standard axis (WSAD or directional pad) moves you across the desert surface or across a hole to collect items. Button 0 or mouse click summons a Yar to rescue you from a hole, makes you run (while holding it), or uses the payphone to call the limo to pick you up where it initially drops you off (you need at least one coin for that).  

Sorry, you don't have any magical neck or teleportation powers, or any kid bringing you candy -- but you can recover lost health by staying on a certain medicinal plant, or by staying on the therapist's couch, once you find and collect it. 

 Any item you collect ends up in your cubicle, except for cartridges, coins, and the er...medicinal plant.   Once you have 3 cartridges, find the payphone and at least one quarter, call the payphone from your cubicle area, and go back to the drop-off zone.

There are 4 possible endings (newspaper articles).  To get the best one, you need the cartridges AND you need to build up your outdoor cubicle completely with the junk you collect.  Good luck!   


Install instructions

Download and run the executable.  For Windows, unzip the archive and keep the exe file in the folder when you run it.  


EC.app.zip 32 MB
Extra Cartridges - Build.zip 22 MB

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